Police 1 – 0 Bike Thief 

Victory!! Ahh how much fun is it to actually catch one of them at last! This literally fell into my lap yesterday. I arrived hocme to see this moped parked at the rear of my flat.

 It looked stolen. Ignition barrel broken, met police tag on it. I called the police to check it was stolen and report it and in the mean time whilst waiting to get through to 101 I decided to lock it up to the metal bin to prevent it being used anymore by the thieves.

As I was locking it up to my surprise two youths approached. One white male, one black male, both with masks covering their faces and crash helmets on. They approached me and asked me what I was doing. I said to them is it your bike? To which he replied yes. I said show me the key……he didn’t. Then I said this is MY bike now…..got a problem with that?
At that moment unbeknown to me and in parallel…..
A young police officer who lives in the flat along the way to me and had seen the two youths ride in on the bike 10 minutes earlier, saw them park it up and walk off. He decided to keep an eye on it, and when the two youths approached me he heard what was being said from the walkway above, and came flying down the stairs, burst through the blue gated door and drew his baton out and protracted it so quick like a sword and said stop police. The kids ran off and the young police officer gave chase like a bullet. I carried on locking the bike up and ran off to follow the police officer but could not see them so returned to the bike, two minutes later the young off duty police officer returned with one of the youths in custody. 

I helped the officer make sure the youth wouldn’t get away whilst he called for uniformed officers to attend the scene.
What a great moment!
Whilst waiting for the jamjar to turn up I lectured the youth about the path he was taking, how stealing bikes was wrong, how his parents will be disappointed, how his DNA and prints would be taken and any crime he did in the future would be easy to trace, how he won’t be able to get into the USA now he has a record, how he should turn his life around and get a job instead of stealing other peoples property. I enjoyed every second of it.
Then…..out if the blue…..the owner of the bike had received a call from the police informing him his bike had been found.

He arrived and was not best pleased to see his bike had been damaged in the theft.
The youth under arrest was given a few stern words from the owner and promise that he knew his crew and that punishment would be forthcoming 😜.
I smiled. Couldn’t help it. The uniformed police arrived a moment later and duly arrested the thief and took him away.
I unlocked the bike from the bin and the owner thanked me, de nada I said, happy you’ve got your bike back albeit a bit damaged.
Police 1 – 0 Thief 😜

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