Hatton Garden Attempted Motorbike Jacking

Tonight 20/7/2017, Two youths tried to bike jack me near Hatton Garden, London.

I called the police from my bike and gave directions to them whilst I gave chase after the punks around the surrounding streets. Two black youths, dressed all in black and riding black stolen mopeds with no number plates.

I caught up with one and tried to knock the piece of shit off his bike. I didn’t knock him hard enough. He stayed on and turned up an alley way after his piece of shit friend.

I didn’t follow. To closed in for my liking and no escape route.
I went a different route around and found them some distance up the road pulled over hiding away.
All the while in contact with the police telling them my location.
I turned my Clearwater lights on to them and lite them up like a Christmas Tree, One got off his bike and took out a big knife and threatened me with it then jumped on his bike and started riding towards me.
I turned around quick. They have chase and there was only one way out. A road with concrete bollards to stop cars getting through. As I past through the left side I knocked some boxes and crates out of my way to make room (whacking my foot in the process) and made it through back out on to the road, turned left onto Hatton garden and left out onto the Clerkenwell Road and flagged down the passing police car and informed them of the situation. They were aware and were enroute when I stopped them.
I took them to where I last saw the punks and then left them to it and then rode home not stopping for much at all.
Stopping at red lights can be bad if you get caught by kids coming up either side of you and trying it on from both sides and after tonight’s episode I was a little shaken up after.

Having a knife pulled on you is not a good thing. I was far enough away at all times to be safe. But still.
Tonight I gave chase because I don’t feel these criminal should be allowed to get away with what they do.

I hate bike theft. It disgusts me that they can try and take someone’s motorbike from them when they are riding it on a road.

Since when the fuck did that become an acceptable thing to have to put up with in this country?? Bikers under threat when riding along???
You just don’t do it. They were riding stolen bikes and were trying to steal mine but failed and didn’t expect me to give chase.
I was cautious in my pursuit and didn’t get off my bike at anytime. That would be stupid because it would end up in close quarter conflict and two against one is never good.

Especially when one of them has a knife.
I’m not about dying for it.
I’m about trying to find out where these criminals go so the police can find them, arrest them and punish them with the full force of the law.

It is time something was done about moped enabled theft and knife crime and acid attacks once and fall all in this city.
London is great to ride around and it won’t stop me. But it’s getting more dangerous from a new wave of crime by youths that just don’t give a fuck about you, me or anyone but themselves and the police are powerless to chase them in case the offenders might get hurt.
It’s high time that the police are empowered once again to be able to chase these youths. And if the criminals are hurt in the process well tough luck.

They should stop for the police like any other good citizen would do.
I’m sad to say it but one less knife wielding motorbike phone stealing mugger in this world is no sad thing in my opinion.

Keep your eyes peeled fellow London riders. These punks come out of nowhere like fucking rats.

2 thoughts on “Hatton Garden Attempted Motorbike Jacking

  1. Scary Julian, read in the Sun yesterday that there are, on average, 54 moped assisted crimes every day in London. Cannot understand why the police seem so powerless to stop these crimes considering there are so many of them. How many people will be killed before proper enforcement is brought to bear on this frightening problem. You go careful out there. Love Dad xx


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